Before the legendary live shows, there were the episodes. See them again for the first time, remastered, and beaten into submission.

Episode 1: “The List” While checking their list of the naughty and nice, the Danger Couch boys discover that one of their number has abandoned the mission in favor of personal ambitions. Honor is regained and balance restored by hand-to-hand combat. See the one that started it all.

Episode 2: “George” This exciting and spine-tingling episode has been, up til recently, stolen by ninjas. Having finally recovered it, it is now on display for the world.

Episode 3: “Sneakarounds” Still painstakingly examining The List, the Couchmen discuss wine, cutlery, and the romantic compatibility of bartenders. Even the neighbors stop by to join in on the fun in this heartwarming tale of three men and one life.

Episode 4: “The Shades” Wilh’s heart turns to romance, Ruckus picks up a snack, and Jimmy demonstrates the value of the protective eyewear. See who gets the axe in this thrilling installment of the Danger Couch saga.

Episode 5: “Achtung” The Couch thoughtfully demonstrates particle physics, inertia, and gravity before developing a new market for incontinence supplies. Discover educational programming at its finest with your friends at Danger Couch.

Episode 6: “Theories” Games, traps and conspiracy theories abound in this thrilling conclusion to season one of DangerCouch!

Episode 7: “Enter the Drummer” See how the Couch becomes a quartet in this tale of internet auctions, addiction, and misplaced geography.

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