The Sad Tale Of Love’s Lost Letter

This is Wilhiem Smoder and I am writing in regards to last week’s mystery letter which I did not write.

As everyone knows, Winnona and I are full grown adults with a professional working relationship of mutual respect and combat effectiveness.

We did have an awkward incident once, but we worked through those confused and conflicting feelings long ago and have emerged as stronger and more stable people.

I don’t know where Ruckus got that letter, but I do know that he has been under a lot of strain lately and is seeking help for his online auction addiction.

I hate to say it, but he might have even forged the letter just so he could sell it.

An Innocent Man? ~

“The prime suspect.”

Please excuse any confusion last weeks posting may have caused you, the viewing public.

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7 Responses to The Sad Tale Of Love’s Lost Letter

  1. Debbie says:

    Tight haircuts have been known to stimulate mayhem…no…no…that’s not good enough…

    (Ruckus defense attorney scratches her head)

  2. Caustic Soda says:

    You’llneva bee da man I am!!!!

    My mind is like a steel trap…..
    Rusty and illegal in 42 states. Yea Baby!

    (Setting up the live cam to share my wunnerfull goodness)

  3. FANCY SWEDEN says:

    Hello…I need to tell you that this is the most crazy blogg I have visit in a long time…I’m smiling from ear to ear…*LOL*

  4. nice font in tag

  5. What’s this blog actually about? Well whatever it is you have some cool stuff!

  6. And what a sad sad tale it is. Yeah, what EXACTLY is this blog about anyway?

  7. Hampers says:

    I am guessing that these guys are a band? Good name!