In The Open

Hello everyone, this is Ruckus MacMullit and I’m back. Jimmy seems calmed down now, so I guess it’s safe to come out of hiding.

I thought things would be more tense with him, but he’s been kind of preoccupied looking for something.

Not that I’m complaining.

Anyway, I sat down to write a bit for the Couch fans, but I got stuck. All that time between the pixels must have given me writers blotch.

It’s a really bad case, too. I’ve got phosphor burn-in up and down both arms. Like those old arcade games where no matter what screen you’re on, you can always see the top scores floating like number shaped clouds above the action. Except mine are in the shape of your emails.

By the way, you need to give up on that guy, he’s just never going come around. You could also use a screen saver.

So I was going to give up and throw my notes away, when I found something a lot more interesting on the back side. I think it’s from Wilh.

Mercenary Love ~


When I say your name, or sometimes even when I write it, my heart exceeds its usual, well-trained 80 bpm and moonwalks for joy.

Your bearing, your marksmanship, the way you hold a bayonet: all speak to me of woman who has everything, except someone to spar with.

Sometimes I like to imagine a life with you: long walks in the combat zone, picking out grenades together, cleaning our guns in front of a roaring fire.

And of course, matching and calibrated, his-and-hers bazookas.

Don’t be fooled by the allure of strangers and mystery men when your battle-mate is right in front of you.

I need……………forget it.

I guess you’re guaranteed to learn something whenever you tape together your scratch paper from the paper-shredder.

Anyway, I suppose that’s enough for one day.

Be sure to turn off your monitor tonight, those pixels get tired.

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9 Responses to In The Open

  1. Your blog is fantastic! I love it!

    I’ll be keeping my eye on you. :)

  2. Debbie says:

    Hmmmm…a little more insight on Wilh…very interesting…

    We must find this woman Winnona.

  3. Mr. Danger says:

    Thank you, but you really need to keep both eyes on it just so it doesn’t sneak up behind you.

    You can find more insight on Winnona here.

  4. Debbie says:

    Oh yes, thank you Mr. Danger…it is all coming back to me now.

  5. Caustic Soda says:

    Tattoo Parlors in and around the greater Nas… Memphis area are now sporting three different renditions of the Caustic full body face tatoo. Memphis never looked so guud!! Yowza!!!

    (Two bicep reduction surgeries later and still can’t find a shirt that will fit over my 24 inch glazed pythons)

  6. Marvin says:

    Danger is right – the danger is that you may break something laughing. Some might say this Blog is better than the Good Humor man. It provides something that contains no calories but still fills that empty space between ones ears with something much nicer than a brain freeze.

  7. job says:

    this blog is amazing..:) for sure I will be back for more..

  8. I really like your blog and especially your humor. Reminds me of my dad :D

  9. Dubai says:

    he..he..hehe…! great seance of humor! nice blog and you done a great job… i Like it.