About The Live Show

The show was killer.

The show was dope.

The show was the bomb.

The show is under investigation by the ATF, FBI, and several local law enforcement agencies.

Bratwacker ~ DangerCouch.comBryan ~ DangerCouch.comBrent and Stephen ~DangerCouch.comDan ~ DangerCouch.comBryan again ~ DangerCouch.comThe Furious Futons ~ DangerCouch.comPanorama ~ DangerCouch.comA Group Effort ~ DangerCouch.com

Thanks to everyone that came, greater thanks to everyone who helped out.

If you couldn’t come but would still like to donate to the orphanage, contact me at getonthecouch (at) dangercouch.com

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8 Responses to About The Live Show

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  3. Brent Diggs says:

    You guys totally rocked the house.

    I wasn’t too bad either.

  4. Endha says:

    these show organised by investigation agencies. Good! someone like to donate to the orphanage.

  5. nice pictures dude. the show must have been cool

  6. blackdog says:

    Are you guys a real band or what? Its funny stuff. The Drunken Bastard wants to feature you at the Rock n Roll View.

  7. news says:

    sounds good
    I love this video