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The Sad Tale Of Love’s Lost Letter

This is Wilhiem Smoder and I am writing in regards to last week’s mystery letter which I did not write. As everyone knows, Winnona and I are full grown adults with a professional working relationship of mutual respect and combat … Continue reading

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In The Open

Hello everyone, this is Ruckus MacMullit and I’m back. Jimmy seems calmed down now, so I guess it’s safe to come out of hiding. I thought things would be more tense with him, but he’s been kind of preoccupied looking … Continue reading

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Episode 7 Now Ready to Fill Your Corneas With Pleasure. (Your Eardrums Too.)

This is Jimmy James and I have an urgent question for anyone visiting this site: Where is my friend Ruckus MacMullit? There’s no need to hide him, everything’s fine. I’m sure he thought I’d be upset after what he did, … Continue reading

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Secret Message From Ruckus MacMullit

Have you ever done something bad? Something really bad. Something so badly bad that you can’t live near yourself. Something so hideously awfully terribly bad that you can’t sleep at night for fear that your bass player might fill your … Continue reading

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Urgent Random Announcement of Questionable Importance

This is Ruckford MacMullit and I want everyone to know that I am 100% pro Nebraska. There has been a lot of talk lately about getting rid of Nebraska, maybe having it auctioned off or even surgically removed, but I … Continue reading

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