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Episode 7 Now Ready to Fill Your Corneas With Pleasure. (Your Eardrums Too.)

This is Jimmy James and I have an urgent question for anyone visiting this site: Where is my friend Ruckus MacMullit? There’s no need to hide him, everything’s fine. I’m sure he thought I’d be upset after what he did, … Continue reading

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Jimmy James Recognition Week

DangerCouch is proud to pronounce the next seven days International Jimmy James Recognition Week. At DangerCouch we are all abut giving credit where it is due, especially when it comes to bad notes or flatulence. We are also as pleased … Continue reading

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Defector From The Ninja Republic Seeks Warm Cozy Cell

Story by Herman Fording Dissociated Press Today at 0327 metric standard time, a man known only as Joe7234 was granted asylum in the United States, fleeing from his native home in the ultra-secretive Ninja Republic. Joe7234’s reasons and motives remain … Continue reading

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Story Time with Jimmy

Hey boys and girls this is Jimmy James, host of Story Time with Jimmy James and if you are here for a story, you are in the right place. So sit down, keep quite and try not to touch each … Continue reading

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Celebrity Endorsements

“Hello boys and girls, this is Chuck Norris and when I am not busy killing people and breaking limbs, I like to relax by watching the hilarious antics of my personal friends Danger Couch. When I watch them and read … Continue reading

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