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Episode 7 Now Ready to Fill Your Corneas With Pleasure. (Your Eardrums Too.)

This is Jimmy James and I have an urgent question for anyone visiting this site: Where is my friend Ruckus MacMullit? There’s no need to hide him, everything’s fine. I’m sure he thought I’d be upset after what he did, … Continue reading

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Defector From The Ninja Republic Seeks Warm Cozy Cell

Story by Herman Fording Dissociated Press Today at 0327 metric standard time, a man known only as Joe7234 was granted asylum in the United States, fleeing from his native home in the ultra-secretive Ninja Republic. Joe7234’s reasons and motives remain … Continue reading

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New Year Resolutions: What’s Yours?

Happy New Year everyone. As a special treat for our readers, we rounded up the Danger Couch boys and persuaded them to share their resolutions for 2007. It wasn’t easy, but after supplying a few Flaming Stephens and an occasional … Continue reading

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