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Ninja Appreciation Week

At DangerCouch, we are fully committed to the unabashed and whole-livered celebration of life in its many facets any frequent biological functions. That is why we are proud to announce that the next seven days have been officially designated by … Continue reading

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Danger Couch in the Headlines of the back pages of small local paper (kind of)

As we recruit and prepare for this year’s dramatic Danger Couch festivities, carefully screened volunteers are delicately brought into the DC fold to lend their talents to episodes, film, and our ongoing global conquest. A common occurrence in this process … Continue reading

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Mystery Woman Spotted at DC Video Shoot

Paparazzi were well employed this weekend, descending in droves upon the set of the latest Danger Couch episode in a desperate attempt to record even the smallest piece of Sheer Filming Excitement. Fortunately on-set security forces, provided by 1-800-Rent-A-Ninja, easily … Continue reading

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Couchmen Spotted Filming, World Threatened with Global Entertainment

Recently, the Danger Couch crew have emerged from obscurity and have commenced fanning the embers of creativity into full entertainment flame. Yes friends, the Couch is back and are even now in the spleen-tingling process of filming brand-spanking-new episodes for … Continue reading

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DC Christmas Show – A Rare Moment Almost Out of Character

So its finally over. After about six months of dreaming, planning, filming and practicing, Danger Couch Christmas has achieved reality. And it feels good. It feels really good. It was great to see everyone who came out. Thank you to … Continue reading

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