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No, seriously, we’re not joking.

Season One Remastered and Ready to Go

Before the concerts, before the guest stars, there were the episodes. See them again for the first time in their remastered glory on the Danger Couch episodes page. Take me to your videos

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It’s Not You – It’s Us

DangerCouch is not particularly active right now but you can still catch our illustrious alumni in action elsewhere. Dan and Brent are writing and filming, both separately and together. Stephen and Bryan are touring and gigging, both separately and together. … Continue reading

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Holiday Cheer

Happy St. Bloggin’s Day. For those of you who didn’t already know, St. Bloggin’s Day falls on the first Sunday to occur after the annual DangerCouch show, but before Christmas. Not only is this day a high holiday in the … Continue reading

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A DangerCouch Christmas: Rise of the Futon Coming Dec. 6!

We know you’ve been waiting since last year. Well, dry those eyes because your wait is almost over! After successfully escaping last year’s run-in with the dastardly tinsel of doom, DangerCouch is back with Rise of the Futon. Come join … Continue reading

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Ninja Appreciation Week

At DangerCouch, we are fully committed to the unabashed and whole-livered celebration of life in its many facets any frequent biological functions. That is why we are proud to announce that the next seven days have been officially designated by … Continue reading

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