The Band

Who is DangerCouch?

What is DangerCouch?

Where is DangerCouch and why haven’t they paid their rent?

The One the Only the Couch ~

These questions and many more generally arise whenever the Couch is mentioned in polite company. Impolite company usually follows a whole different line of questioning that is well beyond the scope of this document.

H. Jimmy James - Bass Wilheim Smoder - Guitar ~

Ruckus MacMullit - Vocals ~

There is really no good way to explain DangerCouch, every encounter leaves you with more questions than before.

The Drummer - Beating on Inanimate Objects ~

I guess the best description comes courtesy of our official MySpace hack:

Tales of D.C.’s origin are as varied as the individuals who fabricate them. For many years the Industrial Accident theory dominated public opinion, but recently the Alien Brain Exchange theory has risen in prominence with the ever-present Government Conspiracy theory waiting for its moment in the sun. Regardless of how or why they came to be, one fact is inescapably clear: they are here among us and the world will never be precisely the same again…which is probably a good thing because it was starting to feel a little stale and kind of lumpy in the middle…yes, it was definitely ready for a change and the abrupt reappearance of Danger Couch was definitely the kind of change it definitely needed.


Banned in several states for their near hypnotic influence over women, Danger Couch has had to adopt an ever more erratic touring schedule. Presently they are unable to venture far from their hidden lair deep in the lower intestines of Memphis, Tennessee. A situation that would stymie a lesser band, this circulatory constriction has only served to fuel their creative engines, while simultaneously washing their creative windshields, flushing their creative radiators and making a good bit of progress cleaning their creative upholstery.


What motivates these mighty masters of madness and musical mayhem? Countless scores of specialist, analysts and Significant Others have repeatedly pondered this question with the only answer being the demand for more money. The couchmen remain an enduring mystery as obscure to themselves as to their throngs of adoring fans.

Feel free to revel in the glory of DangerCouch Merchandising.

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